Specialized Psychiatry Solution

Psychiatry symptoms are pre-loaded in the product. Just select the appropriate one. Built in features to enter history, examination, investigation, diagnosis and treatment details

MHA Compliant

Designed based on format published in Mental Health Act, 2017 by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for public comments. Changes made in final act, if any, will be incorporated in the application. Complaint with all global standard medical record specifications


Get most out of your patient data in digital forms - Reports, Charts, Trends. Seamless interface with leading research-software for research and publication. Predictive and Suggestive text for quick entry of data.

Secure and Collaborative

Your EMRs are highly secure with RBAC (Role Based Access Control).

Easy to access! Easy to learn!! Easy to use!!!

Access your patient data from anywhere using laptop, desktop, tablet, ipad or smart phones!! Only essential details are recorded in a systematic way using a simple/friendly User Interface.

Complete Customer Support

Not just during the start but through out the usage. Multiple modes for contact; Dedicated team to help in supporting the users!!

World Class Technology

Runs on cloud platform with adequate security measures. Makes the best use of technology to provide great experience and to interact with any other application in the larger eco-system

Pocket Friendly

Pay monthly and renew the subscription. Hassle free payment methods

Who are we?

Summit Solutions

At Summit Solutions, we focus exclusively on building Software for Mental Healthcare - Clinical and Research Services; We are experts in psychiatry solutions with emphasis on security, engineering quality & excellence of delivery; Our products & solutions are much appreciated at NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science), Bangalore .

  • Experienced & Dedicated Team of domain experts + technologists with more than five decades of cumulative IT experience in India and Abroad. Functionally guided & supported by a group of experienced, enthusiastic, renowned psychiatrists.
  • Comprises a technical team with more than five decade of cumulative IT experience in India and Abroad.
  • Functionally guided by a group of experienced, enthusiastic, renowned psychiatrists
  • Deliver the best product to the end users

Other Products

Our other offerings


A unique application built to assist psychiatrists with built in intelligent algorithms. Best suited for Medical Institutes & Independent practioners, with quick-entry mode for maintaining the patient records while maintaining academic standards without compromising on details.


Crafted to meet the needs of de-addiction and rehabilitation centers, primarily dealing with addiction related symptoms, diagnosis & treatment. It is being used at CAM, NIMHANS from past two years. Our niche waiting-room feature eases out OP operations. Flexible an Customizable to suit specific needs.

Proposal Manager

A flexible, workflow driven, process compliance system for submitting, reviewing and accepting proposals. Ease out the operations with customized routing, reminders/follow-up and status management system. In use at Ethics Committee of Behavioural Science Division, NIMHANS, Bangalore

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